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CRI Borewell Submersible Pump (175 MM)

C.R.I. 175 mm (7") borewell sumbersible pumpset is made up with rigid materials of construction together with extremely tough hardwearing bushes which make this pumpset highly durable. This pumpset is supplied with stainless steel & LTB-2 impellers to give better performance and longer life and other vital components like check valve housing, stage bowls and suction inter connector, are all made of graded cast iron. The optimal design of impellers and diffusers offers best possible hydraulic efficiency. This pumpset is powered by a water filled, rewindable sumbersible motor suitable for continuous duty. The stator is wound with special waterproof synthetic film insulated copper winding wires and made up of low watt loss sillicon steel laminations assembled under pressure and rigidly locked in stainless steel stator shell. Specially desinged thrust bearings (SS AISI 420 with Graphite Carbon) are used to withstand axial and down thrust loads with minimum wear and tear. Dynamically balanced rotor gives vibration free and noise free operations, thereby increases efficiency and life cycle of the motor. This 175mm submersible pumpsets are supplied with 150mm (6") motor combination only.

Applications :

  • Agricultural irrigation
  • Fountains
  • Civil water supply
  • industrial & Rural water supply
  • Mining
  • Sprinkler system

Salient Features :

  • Designed for wide voltage fluctuations
  • High operating efficiency
  • Extremely tough Broze hardwearing lubricated bushes
  • Dynamically balanced rotating parts  
  • Water cooled rewindable motor
  • Impellers are made up of casted steel
  • Can handle maximum upthrust load
  • Can be easily dismantled and repaired

Pumped Liquids : Clean, thin, Non-aggressive, non explosive, clear, cold, fresh water without abrasives, solid particles or fiber having the following characteristics.

Technical Specifications

Power range 3.7kW – 15 kW ( 5HP – 20HP)
Speed 2880 RPM
Version 380- 415 V, Three Phase, 50 Hz, A.C. Supply
Maximum total head 90 m
Maximum flow rate 27 lps (97.2 m /h)
Maximum Outer Diameter in mm 165
Nominal outlet size in mm 100
Degree of Protection IP 58
Direction of Rotation Clockwise from driving end.
Thrust Load 3500 lbs.
Minimum cooling flow along the motor 0.16 m/sec
Type of duty S1 (Continuous)
Method of starting Direct on Line upto 5.5 kW,SD upto 15 kW
Maximum starts per hour 4 times


Part Name Material
Check Valve housing Cast iron (FG 200)
Check Valve Seat Nitrile Butyle Rubber
Diffuser Chamber Cast Iron (FG 250)
Impeller SS AISI - 410 (Casted) / Bronze
Suction Inter Connector Cast Iron (FG 200)
Inlet screen SS AISI - 202
Pump Shaft SS AISI - 410 / S.S AISI - 431
Cable Guard SS AISI - 202
Coupling SS AISI - 410
Diaphragm High Nitrile butyl rubber
Journal bushes LTB - 4
Thrust Assembly SS AISI 420 and Graphite Carbon
Lower / Upper housing Cast iron (FG 200) with outer shell SS AISI 304
Stator shell SS AISI 304
Shaft SS AISI 410 / EN-9 with SS - 410 sleeve at bush guide

Characteristics of Clear Cold Water

Maximum liquid Temperature 33 oC
Permissible amount of sand 50g/m3 (max)
Allowable solids 3000 ppm (max)
Chloride density 500 ppm (max)
Turbidity 50 ppm silica scale (max)
Hardness (Drinking water) 300 (max)
Specific Gravity 1.004 (max)
Viscosity 1.75 x 106 m2/Sec
PH Value 6.5 to 8.5