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CRI Check Valves

CRI Check Valves that we offer prevent water hammer, up thrust and back spin in the pumping systems. These CRI Check Valves feature natural rubber flap that totally prevents water leakage. Our CRI Check Valves are manufactured using graded cast iron and immensely acknowledged for features like high strength, durability and oxidation resistance. These CRI Check Valves are very easy-to-install. Further, the metal parts of CRI Check Valves are coated with bituminous paint to avoid rust formation. These valves increase water discharge up to 20% and reduce energy consumption up to 10%.

Technical Specifications

Materials of construction Cast iron
Models Square type and round type
Maximum operating head 5 bar
Available nominal size in mm square type 40x40, 50 x 50, 65 x 65, 80 x 80, 100 x 100, 125 x 125, 150 x 150
Round type 50 x 50, 65 x 50, 65 x 65, 80 x 65, 80 x 65, 80 x 80, 100 x 80, 100 x 100 mm
"K" Value Less than 0.5
Maximum liquid temperature 33 oC