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Honda Brush Cutter (UMK435T U2ST)

Owing to its high torque, Honda Brush Cutter (UMK435T U2ST) is ideal for heavy duty work. Due to its 4-Stroke Over Head Camshaft Engine, our Honda Brush Cutter (UMK435T U2ST) is up to 50% economical as compared to 2-stroke engine based models. The Honda Brush Cutter (UMK435T U2ST), offered by us, has a robust and durable construction. Further, our Honda Brush Cutter (UMK435T U2ST) is well equipped with environment friendly engine that conforms to EPA2005 standard of US with respect to emissions.

Honda Brush Cutter - the ideal solution for cutting dense undergrowth, unwanted weeds, pruning trees & trimming hedges.
Great at tackling those jobs which a mower can't, a Honda Brush Cutter allows you to work through a full 360 degrees & are ideally suited to agriculture, horticulture, lawn/garden maintenance & landscaping sectors. The unique Honda mini 4-stroke engines are reliable, efficient and quiet, making them kinder to the environment yet offering you superb performance.

Quiet & lightweight Honda 4-stroke Brush Cutter delivers a heavyweight performance to tackle the jobs which mowers can't. From heavy undergrowth to saplings, Honda Brush Cutter gives you total control!

Full Power :

  • Delivers Highest power in its engine class
  • Ideal for heavy duty work due to high torque even at low rev.

Super Economy :

  • Up to 50% economical as compared to 2-stroke engine based models
  • 4-Stroke Over Head Camshaft Engine.

Powerful Engine :

  • Highest output compared to engines of similar size.
  • Swift revolution response.

Cost efficent :

  •  Up to 50% economical as compared to 2-stroke engine based models.
  •  Robust and durable
  • Suitable for tough and rugged terrains.

Ease of work :

  • Light Weight
  • East start
  • Low vibration
  • Environment Friendly
  • New engine conforms to EPA2005 standard of US with respect to emissions
  • Low noise

The 4-Stroke Advantage

Remarks : Based on 600 hrs of usage in a year. Savings calculated when compared with typical 40 cc 2-strokes engine available intemationally.

The 4-Stroke Advantage


Model U2ST
Cutter Type 2 Blade Cutter
Overall Length* (mm) 1928
Cutter Dia (mm) 305
Operating Wieght (kg) 8.45
Engine GX35
Engine Type 4-stroke, Over head Cam Single Cylinder
Displacement 35.8 cc (2.2 cu-in)
Maximum HorsePower 1.3 HP
Compression ratio 8.0 : 1
Cooling System Forced Air
Ignition System Transistorized Magneto Ignition
Air Cleaner Semi-dry Type
Oil Capacity 0.1 litre
Starting System Recoil Starter
Fuel Unleaded Gasoline
Fuel Tank Capacity 0.63 Litre

Note : Due to continuous improvement in product on the basis of market feedback above specification are subject to change with out any prior notice . please contact distributor for latest specification.