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Honda General Purpose Engine (GX 200)

With a semi-dry air cleaner and a contact breaker ignition system, the Honda General Purpose Engine is a popular engine. We are a much sought-after Supplier of Honda General Purpose Engine (GX 200).

Technical Specifications

Model GX 200
Type Side valve, 4 storke, air cooled, horizontal shaft, single cylinder
Displacement 272 cc
Bore x Stroke 76 x 60mm
Comprssion Ratio 4.8 :1
Fuel Petrol Start / Kerosene Run
Rated Horse Power 5 HP / 3600 rpm
Max. Torque 1.26 kg.m. / 2500 rpm
Ignition System Contact Breaker
Ignition Timing 20 degrees BTDC
Air Cleaner Semi Dry
Fuel Tank Capacity 5.2 Litre (Kerosene(, 0.4 Litre (Petrol)
Lubricating oil capacity 1.2 Litre
P.T.O. Staff Rotation Counter clockwise drom drive end
Oil Alert No
Dry Weight 24.5 kg.
Dimension L x W x H 383 x 407 x 464 mm for Q t / pe 373 x 407 x 464 mm for W yp
Starting Recoil Start
P.T.O. Shart Arrangement Q-Type keyway and internal thread in shaft