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Honda Kerosene Engine Water Pump (WBK 15)

The company holds expertise in supplying Honda Kerosene Engine Water Pump (WBK 15). Our Honda Kerosene Engine Water Pump has a capacity of 38 meters maximum output head and 200 liters per minute maximum output discharge. Featuring self-priming technology, Honda Kerosene Engine Water Pump is designed for agricultural irrigation purpose. In addition to this, portability of our Honda Kerosene Engine Water Pump makes them very useful for irrigating scattered and distant fields.

International Honda Technology :
Honda Pump sets are manufactured in India, in collaboration with the renowned Honda Motor Co., Japan. They incorporate the most advanced 4-stroke technology assuring you of the most reliable performance. The latest Honda technology and stringent quality - control tests carried out extensively in the new Honda Portable Pump set ensure trouble-free service, year after year, saving you a lot on repair.

A Boon to Small Farmers :
The new Honda Portable Pump sets are designed for irrigating small land holdings up to 5 acres. Its easy portability also makes it very useful for irrigating scattered and distant fields. It is indeed a special boon to small and marginal farmers who cultivate paddy, vegetables and various other seasonal crops.

Easy Portability :
All Honda Pump sets are so light and handy that you can easily carry it on a bicycle or in your hands. When the work is over, you can bring it back home for safekeeping. So now you needn't be bogged down by heavy, cumbersome pump sets.

Self-Priming Technology :
Honda Pump sets feature the self-priming technology (available in select models), which makes it absolutely hassle free for the farmer to carry out his operations. Also, you don t require Foot Valve.

Easy Start :
With Honda Portable Pump sets you can be free of tiresome and time consuming task of starting a pump set. A Recoil Starter and other superior in-built features permit quick and smooth start. Anytime and Every time.

Multi-Crop Irrigation Lever :
This unique feature in Honda Portable Pump sets regulates the flow of water during irrigation. Be it paddy or potato, depending on the requirement of your specific crop, you can control the flow of water by a mere shift of this lever, without switching off the pump set.

Prompt After Sales Service :
All Honda Portable Pump sets come with Honda's guarantee of quality, so breakdowns are rare. However, if you do need help, Honda's countrywide Dealer Network extends prompt after sales service and ensure easy availability of genuine spare parts.


Pump Parameters
Type Centrifugal, Self-Priming
Inlet Diameter 38mm (1.5")
Outlet Diameter 38mm (1.5")
Total Head (Metre) 38
Suction Head (Metre) 7
Maximum Discharge (lit./min.) 200
Self-Priming time for five metre Suction Lift 120 Sec.
Engine Parameters
Type 4 Stroke, Forced Air Cooled, Horizontal Shaft
Dimensions Parameters
LxWxH (mm) 384x297x357
Dry Weight (kg) 14

Note : Due to continuous improvement in product on the basis of market feedback above specification are subject to change with out any prior notice . please contact distributor for latest specification.