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Honda Petrol Engine Water Pump (WB20XT)

The company has emerged as a major Supplier of Honda Petrol Engine Water Pump (WB20XT).

Technical Specifications

Intel/outlet diameter 50 mm. (3 in ).
Total head 32 m
Suction head 8 m
Max. pumping capacity 600 liters /min
Self-priming time (at 5 m.) 110 sec
Length 455 mm
Width 365 mm.
Dry weight 261kg
Rubber mounting X
hose band /strainer 0
Model GX120T1
Type OHV
Displacement 118 cc.
Max. power output 2.9 kw (4.0 hp) /
3,600 rpm
Oil alert X
Fuel tank capacity 2.5 liters